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When later asked once more about Pope Francis’ own position with regard to divorced and “remarried” couples, the German cardinal responds:

The Catholic Church distinguishes between "formal heresy" and "material heresy". The former involves willful and persistent adherence to an error in matters of faith and is a grave sin for which the church applies the penalty of excommunication . [2] "Material heresy" is the holding of erroneous opinions through no fault of one's own and is not sinful. Protestants can fall into either the first or the second group, depending on whether they are in invincible ignorance [3] while the Eastern Orthodox are considered to be schismatic but are recognised as local churches, but "defective" (according to Dominus Iesus ) and severed from the Catholic Church, [5] which in Catholic teaching is the " only true Church ".

Heretical Response EnvisionHeretical Response EnvisionHeretical Response EnvisionHeretical Response Envision