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Many different terms are commonly used to describe vehicle collisions. The World Health Organization use the term road traffic injury , [4] while the . Census Bureau uses the term motor vehicle accidents (MVA), [5] and Transport Canada uses the term "motor vehicle traffic collision" (MVTC). [6] Other common terms include auto accident , car accident , car crash , car smash , car wreck , motor vehicle collision ( MVC ), personal injury collision ( PIC ), road accident , road traffic accident ( RTA ), road traffic collision ( RTC ), road traffic incident ( RTI ), road traffic accident and road traffic collision , as well as more unofficial terms including smash-up , pile-up , and fender bender .

Alana Thompson, aka Honey Boo Boo of Toddlers & Tiaras fame, and her family, who live in rural McIntrye, Georgia, were visited by the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services in March, reported The National Enquirer .

As you go on during the game, you will find new terrains and challenges, you can even unlock achievements which give you extra money. If you are ready to embark on a journey to learn how to fly, you should definitely try this game. If you have already tried Learn to fly 3 or our previous Learn to fly games, you will absolutely be thrilled by this one, because it has more options and combinations. In this edition you are even able to destroy Icebergs and show them who's boss. We're sure you'll enjoy this game, good luck and have fun in the quest to discover your flying abilities.

Among the celebs born in February, we can name the pop singer Harry Styles, the TV ACTRESS Paris Smith, the MMA fighter, Ronda Rousey, the reality star Lauren Conrad, the Soccer Player Cristiano Ronaldo, the Soccer Player Neymar, the Raggae singer Bob Marley, the TV actor Charlie Heaton, the Punk Singer Dan Lambton, the movie actress Chloe Moretz, the movie actor Taylor Lautner, the former US president Abraham Lincoln, the movie actress Christina Ricci, the Basketball player Bill Russell, the pop singer Rihanna, the rock singer Curt Kobain, among others.

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